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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Journey

After spending the past several years getting better acquainted with wine appreciation and wine pairing and having the opportunity to read the blogs of many friends about lots of different topics and interests, I’ve decided it’s time to start up my own blog about my favorite topic – wine.  The blog will include tasting notes, observations pertaining to wines I’ve tried, wines I’d like to try, and wine facts I’ve learned and wine opinions I’ve formed, but it will also include plenty about food (as my experimenting in the kitchen has furthered my interest in wine), and in all likelihood, my own food and wine photographs.  I believe food and wine, like just about anything else, are a form of art, and I regularly like to capture both in photographs, so even if my palate’s memory fades a bit, my photos will help it along the way.

My approach to wine appreciation is often somewhat different from the approach taken by others, in that I am easily befriended by wines and occasionally romanced by them, as evidenced in my tasting notes.  Many of my food and wine experiences I would like to share with others and that is largely the purpose of my blog, as well as to watch my own tastes and opinions develop.

So please join me on my journey through the world of food and wine and feel free to converse with me about my postings.

Australian lamb chops with garlic and rosemary, sauteed baby leaf spinach, and Sterling Vineyards 2006 Napa Cabernet


  1. Bon Voyage Jac ...... I look forward to your postings and your pictures, which always leave my mouth watering. I hope that you might include recipes also. Ken

  2. Thanks for the idea, I will remember to include recipes!