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Friday, June 29, 2012

2009 Domaine Le Roc “La Folle Noire d’Ambat” Fronton

In my last post, when I reviewed the Gaillac, I mentioned that there would be a review of a Negrette from Fronton soon to come.  Here it is.
In the spirit of my fascination with wines from South West France, I couldn’t wait any longer to try the Fronton.  It’s the 2009 Domaine Le Roc “La Folle Noire d’Ambat” - and it’s 100% Negrette.  As soon as I spotted the wacky label while doing my usual wine shopping at Lake Side Emotions, I knew that wine was for me.  It’s full of personality, with a dark red color and characteristics of red berry, plum, purple blossoms, pepper, plenty of smooth spice, and a funky, unique earthiness (this type of identity and expression of terroir is one of the things I love most about wines from South West France).  After reveling in the awesome aromas and flavors and funkiness, it was time to appreciate the very good balance of fruit, acidity, and tannin.  The wine has a clean feel and and smooth texture, making it very “easy drinking,” and a nice finish reflecting the fruit, spice, and earth.
I do love the wines of South West France and have written reviews of wines of Cahors, Madiran, Pacherenc, Jurancon, and now Gaillac and Fronton...what will be next...Irouleguy?

2009 Domaine Le Roc “La Folle Noire d’Ambat” Fronton

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