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Monday, July 23, 2012

Entertaining - The Wine Matters!

Have you been to an event where absolutely no attention was given to the wine selections, and you either pour yourself a glass and regret it, or decide you’d rather not take the risk on the bottle you see?  People spend so much time (and often money as well) on the food, but forget completely about the wine.

I do understand that not everyone has wine at the top of their priorities list.  But that doesn’t mean that poor quality wines should be the default selections.  There are lots of wines at a very reasonable price available, many of which are good quality, food friendly, and ideal for parties.

I used to write monthly for a wedding planning site, and my most common theme was that it doesn’t take too much effort or money to choose good quality wines for an event.  If you’re putting effort into making an event special, there’s no sense in choosing wines that you and your guests won’t enjoy.  And if you think the guests won’t notice - think again.  You might consider an inexpensive yet well known and dependable producer, or you might consider an off-beat wine if you and your guests have a curious palate.  Either way, you’ll be saving, but you won’t be pouring poor quality wines.

If, while cleaning up after the event, you notice the bottles are barely touched and all of the water bottles are empty, it’s time to think about choosing better wines (at a similar price).  The wine should be just as enjoyable as the food - believe me, your guests will notice.

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