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Friday, March 15, 2013

A Girl’s Best Friend

Some days I wish a genie would magically appear and offer to grant three wishes.  And if I really put some thought into it, I’d probably wish for some sensible, useful things.  But there are times when I realize I’d just wish for three different vintages of Sauternes.

See, I’ve heard that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”  And that may be true.  But I’m one of the girls who, some time ago, voluntarily relinquished the diamond I used to wear on the ring finger of my left hand, and set myself free from rather an unhappy and unfulfilling situation.  Of course I love diamonds - who doesn’t?  But I’ve been known to say that I’d take a good Sauternes over diamonds any day.  Take it literally and it can sound quite crazy.  But think about the sensation brought on by a great Sauternes and pause for a moment.

I remember when I was first beginning to appreciate wine.  I’d wander around wine shops inquisitively and look at all the bottles, arranged according to either region, grape type, etc.  The ones that fascinated me most were the little bottles of gold.  They had an appearance like no other - golden wine, beautifully elegant labels, something different about them that made me wonder about them.

I’ve gotten to taste plenty of them since then.  One day not too long ago I was sitting in the office (that would be the wine office, not a law office), and we had just tasted through a bunch of wines, ending with a Sauternes.  As the small bottle remained on the table after all the others were put away, I stopped to think.  This was the only one that day that I chose not to spit into the bucket - no, I wanted it to stay with me.  This was why I had changed directions in my professional life, for wines like this.  A Sauternes with some time in the bottle was enough to remind me of that once again.

Last year, as I sat in Kevin Zraly’s class, he explained some facts and some of his opinions as well, and when he spoke about Sauternes, he told the class that Sauternes is “the nectar of the gods” - indeed.  Whether you sip it or pair it with a pan seared foie gras or a dessert, the appearance, aromas, flavors, and textures of a properly executed Sauternes make for quite an experience.  And it’s something I never tire of.  Whether you feel a diamond is forever, or a Sauternes is forever, or both - it’s undeniable that there’s a sort of “Midas touch” about Sauternes.

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