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Friday, September 27, 2013

Keeping Up...

I can hardly believe how my schedule these days has forced me to neglect my wine blog.  I feel like I hardly ever have a moment to post my thoughts!  It may seem that I’ve got nothing to talk about and that’s why I haven’t been around - well that’s certainly not the case - I have so much to tell you, I have no idea where to start!

My suggestion is that if you want to know what I’m up to in terms of wine, please “friend” me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter @jacswineblog and Instagram @tannatforlife.  I do post regularly to all of those places.

Tonight’s Malbec form Cahors
I’ll start by telling you that I’m currently sipping a Cahors by the fireplace, relaxing after pouring another fun tasting tonight at my favorite wine boutique, Lake Side Emotions, where I am every Friday afternoon/evening (so please come visit!) - I finally have a few hours off from work and everything else.

I’ve been tasting through so many fascinating wines - from classics like Bordeaux and Burgundy and Rhone and Loire, to esoterics like Madiran, Gaillac, Bergerac, Puglia, Burgenland, Baden - you name the region and I’m exploring the grapes.  I’ve been trying to sit for as many Guild of Sommeliers master classes as possible (by the way, the Austrian master class is coming to New York next month and of course I’m attending, even though I’ll be pouring 3 long wine tastings in the days leading up to the class) - so you know I’ll be writing a post on that!

I’ve found some new favorites and revisited a few favorites, I’ve been spending as much time learning as I possibly can, and even experimenting with some interesting pairings (examples?  How about quail with a Langhe Nebbiolo, or rare tuna and Japanese noodles with Zweigelt, or creamy mushroom, chicken, and sage sauce on fettuccine with Saperavi?  Those were just a few experiments I played with last week, and all absolutely delightful.)

Saperavi from Georgia
I should mention that something exciting is coming up in about 2 months - I’m turning 30.  I’m not happy about it, not that it matters because I have no choice anyway, but I’ve decided to shop around for some 1983 bottles and see what happens.  A generous friend sent me a bottle of 1983.  I’ve located some others, and I’m absolutely sure that the 30th birthday wine extravaganza will be a blast - and there’s a blog post I look forward to writing.

So I promise to stay on top of things when something exciting or especially informative happens.  But I’d like to throw a few things out there for your consideration - the rise in popularity of Sicilian wines, risky and rewarding pairings, and cool weather wines.  I might be going in those directions soon!

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