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Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter Wines?

It’s almost February.  By this time last year, we’d had an uncharacteristic amount of snow and temperatures had been dipping into single digits - on Long Island, we don’t usually expect that.  But this winter, it hasn’t been nearly as cold and so far we’ve had only one snowfall.  So, while last winter it was all about heavy reds to keep me warm, this winter it’s been more about consuming lighter and medium bodied reds, dry rose, and some whites.  And the stash of heavy reds continues to grow.

I’m staring at my wine racks and seeing lots of big reds just sitting there - some Zinfandel, Durif, some Syrah blends, Tannat, big reds from Piemonte, and more Cabernet Sauvignon than I realized I had, and of course my bottle of Roc de Cambes that I’m looking for an excuse to open.  In light of last winter’s weather, a few months ago I honestly believed this would be another winter of big reds with dark fruit, bold spice, and intense characteristics and full, luscious texture.  I had tapped Stag’s Leap Petite Sirah, Chateau Gloria, Franciscan Magnificat, Villa Rosa Barolo, Freemark Abbey Cabernet, Mollydooker Maitre D’, and so many other big reds for this winter.  Yes I’ve had a few big reds over the past couple of months, but not as many as anticipated.  Pinot Noir, American Merlot, and the like, have dominated my palate lately.

I’m certainly not complaining - I’d rather have it this way.  But it looks like I’ll have to incorporate some bigger dishes and pairings into my cooking for the remainder of the winter and into the spring, because the likes of Sancerre and Chablis will be calling to me before long!

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