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Friday, February 3, 2012

Funky Jura Wines

To say that the wines of Jura tend to be “funky” is almost an understatement - I had heard mixed opinions about Jura wines but finally got to try a white and then a red - and they’re not bad at all.  They’re just different.
Jura is that fairly cool climate wine producing region between Burgundy and Switzerland.  And the wines I tried are both from Arbois, by Tissot.
The white was the 2008 Tissot Arbois Selection blend of 70% Chardonnay and 30% Savagnin.  The wine is almost golden in color and slightly cloudy, with characteristics of nut, blossom, and an almost strange spiciness, plenty of acidity, and what felt like an oxidized characteristic (which I later leaned is what’s expected of a wine like this).  For my palate, a wine like that takes some getting used to, but it was an interesting experience.  I think this funky wine would pair best with a funky cheese.

2008 Tissot Arbois Selection Chardonnay/Savagnin

The red seemed to agree with my palate more than the white did - it was the 2010 Tissot Arbois Vieilles Vignes Poulsard.  The wine is youthful and fairly light, bright red in color, and also fairly light in body, with characteristics of tart red fruit, cherry, apple skin, a bit of herb, and an earthiness reflecting its limestone and clay soil, an almost white mineral characteristic.  There is lots of bright acidity with youthful tannins and a respectable finish, and leaves the palate feeling clean.  The wine seems very food friendly and it’s likable.

2010 TIssot Arbois Vieilles Vignes Poulsard

Those Jura wines are definitely unique and I’d be happy to try more of them.

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