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Friday, May 11, 2012


If you’ve never tried Silvaner, you should.  It’s something a bit off-beat and has interesting characteristics, particularly when made dry style.  It’s produced mostly in Germany and in Alsace.
The first Silvaner I tried was the 2010 Winzer Sommerach Katzenkopf Silvaner Trocken from Franconia, in a cool Bocksbeutel.  The wine was a bit on the golden side, which I didn’t expect, and the characteristics were of very aromatic fruit, mostly orchard fruit, and overripe honeydew melon.  It’s very dry, and has a clean feel and a nice finish.

The other example that I recently tried was the 2010 Domaine Andre Kientzler Sylvaner Sec from Alsace, which was more my style.  It’s fairly pale in color, fairly low alcohol, and shows characteristics of lots of citrus and bright crisp fruits, and clean cool mineral.  It has a nice feel, very clean texture, and a fairly long finish.

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