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Friday, October 19, 2012

2010 Domaine Mouthes Le Bihan “Le Pie Colette” Cotes de Duras

And my little obsession with Sud-Ouest continues.  Last night I opened one of the two Cotes de Duras that I recently purchased.  This one was the 2010 Domaine Mouthes Le Bihan “Le Pie Colette,” a blend of mostly Merlot with some Malbec.  The wine is a lovely dark red color with characteristics of both fresh and stewed red fruit, berry, red plum skin with a bit of tartness, a bit of a floral note, some subtle spice and pepper, and an interesting indication of pine nut, sunkissed earth, and mineral heading toward the finish.  The wine is bright and clean, making it very food friendly, and it showed surprisingly good length.  At under $20 I’d say it’s a good value.

I’ve got another Cotes de Duras waiting, and this week I found a sparkling wine from Sud-Ouest, produced by a winery whose red I’ve already written up earlier this year.  When I spotted that sparkler, there was no resisting it.  Soon I’m sure I’ll have an excuse to open it!

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