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Friday, January 18, 2013

Ready for Spring Already

I’ve never cared much for winter.  In fact, aside from heavy traffic, winter is probably the only real issue I have with living in New York.  I’d like it best if it were 80+ degrees every day, sunny and warm.

But in the winter, big bold reds are in - we pair them with heavier dishes and we sip them by the fireplace.  Big reds are nice, I do love a good Bordeaux or Rhone or Barolo, but as soon as spring arrives, I’m eager to open some lighter style reds and some crisp clean whites, and before long, it’s time for dry rose.

All winter I think about “rose season” - days at the beach, evenings on the porch, shellfish dinners and barbecues - the warm months are my favorite time of the year, by far.  Once the festive wines and Champagnes of Christmas and New Year’s Eve are over, I’m ready for the warm weather.

And even in the spring and summer, there are plenty of occasions to enjoy the big bold reds, especially Aussie Shiraz and California Zinfandel and Mendoza Malbec - when grilling delicious burgers and steaks outdoors and enjoying dinner on the porch.  But Sancerre, Riesling, and Albarino are the crisp cool whites that pair with most warm weather dishes - fresh cheeses, chilled shellfish, and of course it’ll be time for that lovely dry rose from Provence.

I know we’re only halfway through January, but it can’t hurt to look forward to everything about spring and summer.  It’s like Phil Connors tells us in Groundhog Day - “Winter, slumbering in the open air, wears on its smiling face a dream of spring.”

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