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Friday, December 2, 2011

2005 Sacco Barolo

I’ve been meaning to write this one up as it was quite impressive - the 2005 Sacco Barolo, which I had with my birthday dinner of traditional fresh ravioli in a meat sauce.

2005 Sacco Barolo

It’s no secret that Nebbiolo is near the top of my list of favorite grape types; in fact it’s been vying with Cabernet for “favorite red” for some time now.  I love bigger reds with a lot of character, particularly the kind that tend to age well, as I love to track their progress and compare them.  And I do have an affinity for wines from Piemonte, so this wine was perfect for a birthday dinner for me.

I decanted the wine and allowed it to breathe for at least an hour.  In the glass, the wine is very much a bright ruby color, reflective and ruby to the center with a rim leaning slightly brickish, indicating some age, although I think it’s got a bit of aging time left.  Characteristics include both red and dark fruit with lots of elegant spices, wood, and potpourri with a hint of the “dirt road” characteristic.  The wine shows nice acidity and the tannins are still very much present, which was not surprising to me.  I’d like to try this wine again (if I can find it) in a few more years, to see how well it’s aged by then.  The finish is long, and the pairing with the ravioli was perfect.

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