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Friday, October 28, 2011

Champagne and Sekt

I know it’s Global #ChampagneDay and there’s a bottle of Nicolas Feuillatte ready for tonight.  And a few nights ago, Taittinger made an appearance - the non-vintage really is nice.  But after the Champagne was finished that evening, I decided to open a bottle of Deinhard Lila Riesling Sekt - German sparkling Riesling.  I had never tasted Sekt and had a difficult time finding a bottle but my parents found the Deinhard Lila for me while on a trip to Newport, RI.
The wine is a lot lighter in color than the Taittinger.  The aromas and flavors are similar to that of a regular dry Riesling - citrus, crisp apple, peach, apricot, white blossoms, and just a bit of honey - but the wine isn’t sweet.  It’s a fun sparkling wine and very food friendly.
The NV Taittinger Brut Reserve is more golden in color with characteristics of a bit of citrus, crisp green apple, baked bread but not a strong yeasty characteristic, and a long finish reflecting honey and rich caramel.  The texture is smooth but the bubbles are assertive, and the Champagne is really enjoyable.  I’m looking forward to trying the Nicolas Feuillatte tonight for #ChampagneDay!

Taittinger and Deinhard Lila

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