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Friday, October 7, 2011

Time for Reds

Every year I hate coming to terms with the fact that summer is over.  I love summer - baseball season, beach, listening to Jimmy Buffett, being outdoors all the time, and of course cool, crisp white wines.  And it seems it’s time to make the official transition away from summer this year, at least here in New York that’s the case.
I don’t look forward to the cooler months - I’ve never gone skiing before and I’ve never been to an NFL game (I do realize that needs to change and I’d be happy to do both), I just prefer all things pertaining to summer.  I suppose the cooler months have their perks though; it’s an excuse to drink more red wines and of course it means the return of hockey.  And I do love an exhilarating hockey game and few things agree with me more than a big Cabernet or Nebbiolo.
This past summer I got some great deals on big, bold reds from well-known producers and several of those bottles are waiting to be opened during these upcoming cooler months.  Being so spoiled by the warm weather and lovely crisp whites, perhaps I’ve forgotten just how much I love some of those warm, expressive, complex reds.  It’s also a good opportunity to continue experimenting with fascinating reds from lesser known regions.
So as the cooler months approach and I’m by the fireplace watching a hockey game or spending time playing my piano, I’ll have a chance to sip a dependable Cabernet, Nebbiolo, or dare I say it - Zinfandel - or an intriguing Tannat or Negrette.  And hopefully I’ll have made plenty of new wine discoveries by the time spring arrives again.

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