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Monday, October 24, 2011


I’ve posted before about my love for Gewurztraminer and how it was my first real love in the wine world.  It was the beckoning aromas of tropical and orchard fruits, including lychee, peach, apricot, pineapple, and fresh flowers and spices, and its flavors including those tropical and orchard fruits as well as a touch of honey and spice, accompanied by bright acidity.
Recently, Argentinian Malbec has been leaving its mark on me with its lovely texture and dark characteristics of blueberry, chocolate, purple flowers, and others.  This weekend I enjoyed another Argentinian wine, but the Malbec is waiting until later on in the week - this time it was a Torrontes.  Torrontes makes for a fascinating wine, and often similar to Gewurztraminer - so it stands to reason that I’d enjoy Torrontes.  The wine was the 2010 Diseno Torrontes from Salta, Argentina, and it was paired with grilled Cajun salmon.  Straw colored and aromatic, and displaying characteristics of tropical and orchard fruit similar to Gewurztraminer, followed by some honey, flowers, gentle spices, and bright acidity with a bit of tangerine just before a lengthy and enjoyable finish, the wine was refreshing and lovely but fun.
Torrontes will not replace Gewurztraminer of course, but it’s a nice alternative and a good way to keep it fresh and exciting.

2010 Diseno Torrontes

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